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Advanced Neuromodulation for Tinnitis might hold the key to toning it all down.

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Does insurance cover the costs of treatment?

Unfortunately, no. This type of treatment is considered 'investigational' and not covered by health insurance plans at the moment. So for that reason, we're willing to prove it to you at no up-front cost.

How much would treatment cost?

That depends on the severity and chronicity of the tinnitus. More severe cases would take more extensive therapy than less severe cases. Your treatment plan would reflect your unique situation based on the tinnitus handicap inventory, and your response to initial treatment. There is tremendous value in our treatment and we have multiple payment plans available to help make it more affordable.

How long would I be receiving treatment?

Treatments are typically performed twice a week, and last about 40 m minutes per session. Less severe cases might require 5-6 weeks of care, while more advanced cases might require 6-10 weeks or more. 

How long-lasting are the effects of treatment?

When performed properly and thoroughly, our neuromodulation therapy for tinnitus should have very long-lasting results. Patients who have been successfully treated will typically experience reduction in symptoms for months or years, and return for 'tune-up' treatments every once in a while. 

Neuromodulation therapy for tinnitus involves gentle electrical stimulation at specific points along the outer ear, stimulating nerves that may play a role in the tinnitus you hear. It's safe, painless, and results are often seen at the very first treatment. 

Not everyone will benefit from this advanced treatment for tinnitus, but those that do could experience significant, if not complete reduction in symptoms. SO, we're willing to prove it to you -

Have you experienced whooshing, rushing, ringing or pulsing sounds - for months or even years?

Would you absolutely LOVE to experience less volume or even total silence?

Come in and try our approach, if it doesn't help or change your tinnitus on your first visit, there's no cost whatsoever. No hidden fees, no surprises. If it doesn't work, you won't pay a dime. 

If our treatment DOES help we'll offer you a tinnitus treatment plan to help you feel better, and live with less ringing and rushing.

You have NOTHING to loose but the Tinnitus!!

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