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You've been dealing with pain for too long now. Chances are you've tried everything else and you're still hurting and frustrated. 

We understand what you're going through - We hear it from our patients every day. 

The next step in getting you the results you want, is to meet face to face to see if we can help you or not. If you are a good candidate for treatment at a Headache Freedom Center, you will be offered a specialized treatment plan after a thorough evaluation. If we cannot help you properly, we will gladly refer you to another practice that might be able to serve your needs. 


Your comprehensive evaluation at a Headache Freedom Center is specially designed so that all of your goals for achieving and maintaining great results can be discussed. Following a thorough examination of your current status, you'll receive treatment designed to make you feel improvement right away. This trial therapy will also help your clinician to observe how well you respond to treatment, and to gauge your prognosis. Your attending clinician will usually order blood work, which will add more clarity to the diagnostic process. A completely personalized plan will be developed that fits your goals, budget and scheduling requirements. At all times you will be given personal attention so that the outcome is a plan that has specially crafted for unique situation.


After receiving your first treatment, and completing any additional diagnostic studies, you will be seen for a follow-up visit to discuss your treatment. You will be re-assesed for how the treatment helped you, and your attending clinician will review all blood work or studies with you in depth. Many times, additional treatment will be done as well, in order to test other ways of reducing your pain. From there, you will receive our recommendations for your comprehensive treatment plan. Treatment costs, payment and scheduling options will be offered as well, with the goal of making your treatment as seamless and efficient as possible. Treatment is typically completed within 8-10 weeks, at which time we expect 90% improvement or more. As you progress though your intensive treatment phase, we will continually monitor and support you, in order to achieve the best outcomes.