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Most patients are prescribed various medications for gastroparesis and esophageal spasm by their doctors. But what if they don't work? What if the side effects are worse than the condition? 

There has got to be a better way! 

Over the years, we have seen first hand just how powerful our neuromodulation therapy can be for gastroparesis and esophageal spasm. We've even had patients document completely restored function as seen on sequential gastric motility studies. If you're wondering how that could possible happen, here's how we do it:

We get it, you've been to other doctors who gave you false hope, or maybe even told you that you're never going to get better. We here that all the time. But our approach at the Headache Freedom Center is totally unique.

We understand how severe gastroparesis and esophageal spasm can be! We know you're living with constant unease, and skeptical that there is truly a treatment that can help. That's why we're willing to prove it to you. Mention this webpage, and we'll waive the initial consultation fee, just to show you how we can help. There's nothing to loose but the pain!

Our approach is 2-fold:

#1 - Address any internal issues that are contributing to to the dysfunction. Dysbiosis, food sensitivities, chemical reactions and more can play a part in the dysfunction. We look for triggers and causes that have been overlooked by other doctors.

#2 - Perform Vagus Nerve Stimulation in the office over an 8-12 week time frame. This non-drug neuromodulation therapy is designed to kickstart the nerves that regulate the esophagus and intestinal tract, and initiate a healing response. When done properly, the results are long lasting with only occasional maintenance required. The treatments we perform target the nerve pathways that can effectively 'reboot' your system, all without drugs or surgery. After the active phase of treatment, 'tune-up' treatments can be done periodically to help your system work as well as possible.

Treatment for Gastroparesis and Esophageal Spasm

We've seen lots of patients with significant issues with motility through their throat and gut . Many of these patients tell us how severely their quality of life is reduced, especially when the drugs have failed to provide relief. The picture is bleak - if the esophagus or GI tract continue to shut down, what's the final outcome? Does it just die off, leaving you with a way to inject, process and eliminate your food? That's a pretty scary thought. 

If this situation sounds familiar, there's hope! 

Most patients can feel changes in their symptoms right away with our approach!

Non-Drug Gastroparesis and Esophageal Spasm Treatment in Harrisburg and York PA

Gastroparesis and Esophageal Spasm Doctor in Harrisburg and York PA

Comprehensive Treatment that works

Sounds too good to be true, right?