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Pat - Boiling Springs, PA:

In December 2013, I started experiencing sudden jolts of pain in my top and bottom gums while brushing my teeth. After several visits to different dentists and no diagnosis, I went to my family doctor where I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. After being told that there was no known cause or treatment, I was put on a pain medication. I had little relief from the meds and it became increasingly difficult to talk, or read books to my granddaughter. After five months of pain, it went away on its own but returned five months later. This time, the pain was more excruciating and longer-lasting.

I then remembered seeing Dr. Sullivan on Channel 27 news the previous summer talking about his pain relief method. I took the online survey and received a call the following morning. He felt certain I would benefit from his treatments and set up a consultation. Even after the first mini-treatment, I started to notice a decrease in the pain. After just two full treatments I was 50% improved. After receiving the 54321 treatment plan, I finished at 95% pain-free. It has been several weeks since my last treatment and I am still 98% pain-free. Thanks to Dr. Sullivan, I can now eat, talk, brush my teeth and read to my granddaughter pain-free!

Karen - Camp Hill, PA:

I have been a migraine sufferer for over twenty years.  I have tried many interventions including medications and chiropractic care.  None of the treatments reduced my frequency or intensity.  Dr. Sullivan’s interventions have not only reduced the severity and the frequency of my migraines, it has reduced the recovery time when I do get a migraine.

The things I like the most about his care was that he did a thorough assessment of my symptoms including blood work to look for underlying viral causes.   Dr. Sullivan’s interventions were painless and I felt terrific after the treatment sessions. In addition to reducing my migraines, his treatments improved my overall feeling of well-being. It has been several weeks and my symptoms continue to be reduced!  Only time will tell but right now I can say that this is the best my migraines have been managed in years.

Kay - Mechanicsburg, PA:


I have suffered with migraine headaches for the past 40 years. Through the years I have seen several doctors and had many tests, but was never able to get to the root cause of the headaches. When I first came to Headache Freedom Center, the migraines had increased to 3 or 4 a month, each lasting at least 3 to 4 days.


Dr. Sullivan's initial consultation was very thorough. We tried several different approaches, and ultimately I found much relief through a combination of his therapies. I am now going approximately 4 to 6 weeks between headaches which tend to last only about 2 days and are much less severe. I would highly recommend anyone suffering with migraines to try the different therapies available at the Headache Freedom Center.


Sharon - Boiling Springs, PA:

My migraines were spiraling out of control. It seemed I was either in the midst of pounding, crushing pain that put me in bed In a darkened room, fighting the tightness and pressure that signaled the onset of a headache, or trying to function with a "cloud in my head" for a few days following the headache. That is how the weeks passed. It was a depressing and debilitating pattern, and it was affecting not only me, but my family as well.

When I went to Headache Freedom Center,  Dr. Sullivan listened carefully to my symptoms, asked many searching questions, and seemed sincerely interested in helping me get my life back. After the first treatment, I felt relief. I have continued the treatments, along with some supplements to address underlying issues that Dr. Sullivan identified. My headaches have not totally stopped, but they tend to be much less frequent and less severe. I am hopeful that by the end of my treatments, I will be virtually headache free. My quality-of-life is vastly improved. I feel much more present in my life and with my family and friends.

Successful stories of migraine treatment using neuromodulation therapy with Headache Freedom Centers migraine specialist in Harrisburg and York, PA.

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