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Neuromodulation is the process of improving nerve and brain function through the application of specific electrical or mechanical stimuli to a specific nerve or brain area. In our facility, we use a variety of neuromodulation techniques, with Vagus Nerve Stimulation being the most helpful in cases of depression. All of our techniques are non-invasive, requiring no surgery or additional medications. 

For many patients who are struggling with depression, we use a low voltage electrical current (microcurrent) to specific nerves that have been scientifically shown to be helpful in depression. As your brain is stimulated in these specific ways, it helps to improve brain "plasticity." Plasticity is the ability of the brain and nervous system to change, adapt and grow. Our primary goal is to optimize brain and nerve function to reduce suffering, and help elevate you out of depression.

Our approach is backed up by peer-reviewed medical research, and a growing body of scientific evidence that shows just how well it can help. 

Most patients can feel significant improvement after just a few sessions!

Diagnostic And Laboratory Testing For Depression

Our approach is 2-fold:

#1 - Address any internal issues that are contributing to depression. This would include addressing any factors that are shown on blood work, or physiological issues that are known to be contributing to the situation. We would develop an individualized supplementation strategy based on your needs, not just a cookie-cutter prescription medication approach.

#2 - Perform therapies in the office over an 8-12 week time frame. This non-drug neuromodulation therapy is designed to target the nerves and areas of the brain that are impacted and contribute to depression. Treatments are usually performed twice a week, and range from 3-6 months depending on the history and severity.

Please note that our neuromodulation therapy is not designed to replace standard approaches to mental health including psychiatry, counseling and medication. Our office does not provide mental health services. The treatment we provide is designed to compliment your existing therapies and should not take the place of your current regimen. 

Jump Starting The Brain To A Higher Level

Depression Doctor in Harrisburg and York PA

Non-Drug Depression Treatment in Harrisburg and York PA

We always keep in mind that there can be real physical factors contributing to depression. These factors typically go unidentified and can include, hormonal imbalances, viral infections, inflammation and more...

Many of our patients will undergo investigative blood work to potentially uncover factors involved in their depression. The results of your blood work will be incorporated into your overall treatment plan in order to address all of the factors contributing to your condition.