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Neuromodulation is the process of improving nerve and brain function through application of specific electrical or mechanical stimuli to a specific nerve or brain area. In our facility, we use a variety of neuromodulation techniques, and tailor our approach to your individual needs. All of our techniques are non-invasive, requiring no surgery or additional medications. 

For many headache or neuralgia patients, we use a low voltage electrical current (microcurrent) over the specific nerves involved in your pain. We also use other sensory modalities such as vibration, temperature and mechanical pressure to stimulate specific types and networks of nerve endings. The sites to be stimulated depend upon your specific needs and pain patterns. As the nerves and muscles are stimulated in these specific ways, it helps to change brain "plasticity." Plasticity is the ability of the brain and nervous system to change, adapt and grow. Our primary goal is to optimize brain and nerve function to reduce pain and suffering. 

Most patients can feel significant improvement after the very first treatment!

Diagnostic And Laboratory Testing 

If your lab work indicates specific problems, or situations that require targeted intervention, our team has the knowledge to deliver comprehensive care. 

For some patients, lifestyle habits, triggers or situations can be problematic and intensify your pain. Many people have been told to avoid their triggers in order to prevent attacks, but we feel that this is a very limiting approach. Instead of finding ways to limit your exposures, we try to find ways to increase your ability to overcome your triggers. Freedom from headaches means having the freedom to live your life without limitations. 

Specific diagnostic testing can be done to reveal hidden factors that may be contributing to your pain. At Headache Freedom Center, we have a variety of testing modalities to draw from, depending on your situation and needs. 

Many, but not all of our patients will undergo investigative blood work to potentially uncover factors involved in their pain. This especially true for Menstrual Related Migraines, and situations where an inflammatory process is suspected. The results of your blood work will be incorporated into your overall treatment plan in order to address all of the factors contributing to your pain. 

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