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If you have to go to a treatment center for pain, wouldn't you rather be comfortable and at ease, rather than sit in a cold, sterile room?

Could you picture yourself getting a soothing massage, as our powerful neuromodulation therapies ease your migraines away? 

That's just one of the many ways in which we strive to offer the most enjoyable, effective and powerful headache treatments available today. And it's only getting better. 

We look forward to serving you soon!

At Headache Freedom Center of Harrisburg, we use the Sullivan Headache Freedom Method™ - an efficient, cost-effective, and extremely powerful chronic cluster and migraine headache treatment in Harrisburg and York PA. Over the course of many years, Dr. Sullivan has continued to improve and refine his clinical approach, and has found this treatment model to be unmatched in terms of effectiveness, and efficiency. 

The Sullivan Headache Freedom Method™ is structured with two main principles in mind:

  • Every person's pain is unique and different, and needs to be treated as such.
  • There are similarities in how people experience pain, and can be treated with some common techniques.

So, with the understanding that there are both similarities and differences in people's headaches and pain, we use the following treatment plans for the majority of our patients:

Our basic treatment model is used for people with a fairly straightforward and uncomplicated case. Typically, they have no other major health issues, and we use this approach if they respond very well to initial therapies. Patients are seen intensively and we can generally achieve dramatic results within that 4-5 week treatment time frame. 

Our advanced treatment model is used for people with more complicated cases, or when significant physiological issues are known or suspected. Typically, these patients will need additional therapies in their treatment, including dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, etc... In this approach, the initial focus in on improving the 'internal' dysfunctions, and headache specific treatment modalities are applied on a customized schedule based upon severity. We can generally achieve dramatic results within 8-10 weeks, and these types of patients often benefit from occasional maintenance visits in the months after their intensive treatment plan is over. 

But this is just the beginning...

One of the other main aspects of the Sullivan Headache Freedom Method™ is to create a truly enjoyable and relaxing experience. We feel that the treatment of chronic pain should not be a pain itself, which is why we perform most of our therapies in Zero-Gravity, Full-Body Massage Chairs. This treatment environment allows us to induce positive physiological changes quickly and comfortably, and adds all of the health benefits of massage to our powerful neuromodulation therapies. Patients love the combination, and look forward to appointments, because of how good it makes them feel.

Our approach to trigeminal neuralgia, migraine and cluster headache treatment in Harrisburg, PA